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Get to know Rise & Go

Mar 30, 2021 | Blog

Rise and Go is a not for profit organization that is solely driven by the giving nature of people. Whether the donations be monetary, or tangible items being donated, all gifts given go to serve the leadership and life lesson development of students in the greater Springfield area. Our hope, while we work on personal development, is that students will be able to find a hobby or art that ignites a lifelong interest. Add in the component of helping and providing for others as we have been provided for, and we have a catalyst for these young people to take small steps to help a hurting world.

Our Needs

Monetary donations are the easiest way to give, as it is the most versatile gift. We make a lot happen with a little, so no gift is too small. You can visit to make monetary donations.

In the area of tangible needs, we know that when items are in the hands of the kids, passions come alive. We wanted to provide a list of items that could be purchased and delivered, see below:


We are looking for good, used digital cameras. The cameras will be used to allow students to capture images of their families at the garden, nature, vegetables in all seasons of growth, selfies, and other fun moments. Some students have found their gift of photography while having time with a camera at the gardens.

We appreciate your consideration ahead of time, and please know that without your gifts and support we would not be able to grow Rise and Go the way that we are currently.

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